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Increased Productivity

Get more ore out of the ground using the same amount of resources as before. Alternatively, take advantage of improved utilization to park up equipment while producing the same.

Improved Safety

Making sure everyone gets home safely at the end of each shift is our highest priority. Technology can play a key role in preventing accidents in the mine, in the plant and during transportation to and from site.

Reduced Cost

Improved operational insight leads to less unplanned downtime, less fuel consumption and less material rehandling. These are just some of the benefits that combine to lower operational expenditure.

Your partner in success

The Kellogg Report can help both corporate and operations teams through key milestones of a digital transformation project, such as:

  • Evaluating vendors

    Which technology is right for you? What is practical to implement? How will it be supported?

  • Digitizing processes

    How are things done today? What makes sense to keep and what should be changed?

  • Change management

    What is the optimal flow of information in the digital mine and how do we ensure everyone is on-board with the new way of doing things?

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Keeping your goal in mind

A successful outcome requires buy-in from every person on every level. Everyone must understand why changes are required, how they are to be accomplished and how each individual will benefit as well as the organization as a whole.

A correctly-implemented project results in improved safety and a better work environment for the individual miner while delivering higher productivity and lower cost to the mine owners.

At its most profound, a digital transformation project changes not only the manner in which ore is extracted, but also how we think about mine operations.

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