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3D Machine Guidance System Profile


Prolec Ltd


   Gravity-based angle sensors
   Slew sensor

Machine types

pcX-Pro is an excavator machine guidance system manufactured by Prolec Ltd. Released in 2010, it builds on the pcX-3D platform and has a large user base in Europe.

A very flexible system, its ability to accommodate any type of tool makes it very popular for dredging applications and marine construction. It has many features that specifically relates to operating from a barge.

The system does not offer an option of using robotic total stations as a positioning source. This limits the system to outdoor use and only in areas with a clear view of the sky.

Prolec supplies both hardware and software to other manufacturers of 3D machine control systems under OEM and private label arrangement.

The company manufactures machine guidance systems for excavators, exclusively.

Prolec Ltd. is headquartered in Poole, Great Britain and is part of Strainstall UK Ltd.

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