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Control unit docking stations

Yes, you can take it with you when you go

Control unit
                              docking station in a 3D machine control
Available on:

Trimble GCS900

Topcon GPS+

Caterpillar AccuGrade
Leica PowerGrade 3D

Carlson Carlson Grade

A control unit docking station lets the operator quickly remove and replace a  3D grade control system's control unit in the cab without having to disconnect any cables.

Communication between the control box and the docking station (and thus the rest of the 3D grade control system) is done via infrared LEDs and power is supplied via induction.

A control unit may need to be removed after the workday is over to reduce the risk of theft, but may also be interchanged with the contol box on other machines.
Leica PowerSnap
Leica's PowerSnap concept  –  shown are two control units and their common docking station

A control box capable of 3D grade control often costs significantly more money than a control box for a conventional (or '2D') grade control system.

Since not all machines have a need for 3D guidance at all times, however, the docking station principle gives the contractor the option to permanently equip most machines with a conventional system requiring a simpler control box and then just have a few machines with 3D capability and their more expensive control boxes.

With a control unit docking station, the 3D control box can quickly and easily be moved to one of the conventional machines as the need arises.

This allows the contractor to maximize the utility of the more costly 3D control units, ultimately saving money.

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