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PowerDigger 3D

3D Machine Control System Profile

                              PowerDigger 3D


Leica Geosystems

   Robotic total station
   Gravity-based angle sensors
   Slew sensor

Machine type

PowerDigger 3D is a 3D machine control system for excavators manufactured by Leica Geosystems AG.
It shares many components with Leica's other product line, PowerGrade 3D.

Leica is the 2nd manufacturer to offer a smart antenna for their dual-antenna excavator configuration, although this antenna is a supplement to, -and does not dispense of, the modular GNSS receiver.

This excavator solution is based on underlying technology from Mikrofyn and SBG, which both have historically had a strong presence in Europe.

PowerGrade and PowerDigger are the only 3D machine control product lines on the market that offer a control unit docking station.

Through acquisitions, Leica's 3D machine control systems include technology from companies like AGL, Agatec, Mikrofyn, SBG and NovAtel among others.

Leica Geosystems AG is headquartered in Heerbrugg, Switzerland and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hexagon AB, Sweden.

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