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3D Grade Control System Profile



Trimble Navigation Limited

   Robotic total station
   GNSS laser augmentation
   Laser receiver
   Sonic tracer
   Gravity-based angle sensors
   Rotation sensor

Machine types

Trimble have chosen to market their 3D grade control solution simply as GCS900 for all machine types and all system configurations. Their competitors, on the other hand, often use several brand names.

The GCS900 system is developed by Caterpillar Trimble Control Technologies LLC, a joint venture which also develops Caterpillar's AccuGrade system. Users of any one of these systems will be familiar with the other as the hardware and software are essentially the same.

Trimble's 3D grade control system incorporates technology from several other companies whose product portfolios have been acquired through mergers and aquisitions. Among these are Spectra Physics Laserplane, Spectra Precision, Geodimeter and TDS.

The close relationship with Caterpillar has recently been strengthened by entering into another joint venture, VirtualSite Solutions LLC, created to provide solutions to manage worksite information and equipment fleets. Additionally, the two companies have embarked on creating a new distribution channel, SITECH, to distribute both Trimble and Caterpillar-branded construction technology products and solutions.

Many of the components of the GCS900 grade control system are shared with Trimble's other systems for pavers, mills and compactors, enabling equipment to be shared between machines.

Trimble Navigation Limited is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. It is a public company traded on NASDAQ under the symbol TRMB.

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