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Carlson Grade

3D Machine Control System Profile

Carlson Grade


Carlson Software

   Robotic total station
   Gravity-based angle sensors
   Rotation sensor

Machine types

Carlson Software is, as the name implies, a software company which has leveraged its knowledge of civil engineering and surveying to create and supply 3D machine control systems.

Originally, the company relied on 3rd party hardware to complete their solutions, but  through alliances with several hardware manufacturers they released a collection of Carlson-branded components for machine control and surveying in 2010.

The Carlson product offering now includes technology from companies such as Ashtech/Magellan and Prolec, among others.

Carlson Grade has found a niche in landfill applications and has historically been strong in mining.

The software supports many machine types but mostly dozers, graders and scrapers are promoted in construction applications.

The company has an OEM agreement with MOBA of Germany under which their 3D machine control software is incorporated into the MOBA 3D system.

Carlson Software, Inc. is headquartered in Maysville, Kentucky and is privately held.

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