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Wireless data transfer

The push of a button beats a trip to the field

Despite all the impressive gadgets and devices being rolled out by various manufacturers, it is the data that drive the 3D machine control system.

The data model that resides in the system's computer has all the information necessary to accurately provide cut/fill for the entire job site.

This data model is provided by the engineers or is created by the contractor from the paper plans. As such, the data model is subject to all the mistakes and changes that can plague a set of paper plans.

Wireless data transfer to 3D machine
                              control system

All 3D machine control systems have a manual method of getting the data model into the computer. Various types of memory devices are used, such as USB sticks, PCMCIA cards, SD cards, etc.

What all these memory devices require, however, is for someone to load the data onto the device while in the office, then travel to the machine on the job site and manually insert the memory devise into the computer in order to load the model. This must be done for all machines on the job site that are employing a 3D machine control system. While this is happening, the machines are stationary and thus, not working.

Trimble SiteVision Office
To reduce the time spent on uploading new or revised data models, some 3D machine control systems feature a wireless data transfer option.

This option uses either the radio already mounted on the machine (used to receive GNSS corrections from the local GNSS base station) or an additional, dedicated radio to transfer the revised model directly from the computer in the office to the computer in the machine cab.

Alternatively, the system can make use of a cellular internet connection to accomplish the same. This latter option is becoming increasingly popular as more job sites get wired for the internet.
Trimble's SiteVision Office software

In turn, the computer in the office is either wired directly to a modem and a radio or makes use of the internet to simply send the model directly to the machine in the same manner as someone sends an email.

The ability to upload new data models remotely ensures that changes are implemented immediately, reducing both labor cost and cost associated with rework.

Additionally, less people on the job site in immediate proximity to the machines reduces the risk of personal injury.

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